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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 9, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon." on your side. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i am alison starling. the man accused of plotting an all-out attack on a mattress system is facing federal charges. farouk ahmed appeared in court this morning and pamela brown is live in alexandria to tell us what happened.
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>> good afternoon, in federal court this morning, farouk ahmed pled not guilty to federal charges that he was plotting to conduct bombings at four northern virginia metro stations. according to this search warrant, several items retrieved from his house and ask burn, va. included fire arms and laptops and a cd-set with lectures from the spiritual leader of al-qaida in yemen. he is linked to several terrorist plots. he tops the list as one of the most wanted man in the world. farouk ahmed was plotting with two men he thought were al-qaida operas but there were two undercover agents. he was arrested back on october 28. a judge set a trial date for april 11 after farouk ahmed waived his right to trial. his lawyers say they need more time to build their case.
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he will remain in jail in the meantime. he pled not guilty during his arraignment this morning. a d.c. high school students is dead after a double shooting in northeast d.c. two people were shot along holbrook street last night. a spokesperson confirmed that the 17-year-old died. he was a student at svengarn high school. another student was hurt but so far authorities are not releasing any more details. man died after being hit by a tractor-trailer bass -- last while walking along the beltway in college park. so far, the truck driver has not been charged. pedestrian-related accidents are becoming too, and our area. today, police are out in force and issuing harsh reminders about the rules of the road. brianne carter is live in
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arlington. >> good afternoon, this is an intersection in arlington where there is always a battle between pedestrians and cars. police say that with the recent incidents that we have seen involving pedestrians over the past few months, a crack down like this is more important than ever. this is a dangerous situation that happens all too often at this busy arlington in -- intersection. pedestrians jaywalk inbev the only reason i cross here is because i hear the light changed. i knew it was clear. still, it is quite dangerous. >> after a number of pedestrian involved accidents across the metro region, police are cracking down and urging people behind the wheel and on foot to be it on the lookout them up will start writing tickets for that. we need a crosswalk. >> as part of the fall street smart campaign. arlington police issued a number of citations to drivers
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including his metrobus driver was pulled over for blocking the intersection. >> an intersection can move when a boss is there. >> pedestrians say is great to see and force them but many said they would like to see changes to the intersection to make the roads more friendly for those on foot than it would be nice to have a crosswalk right here. >> the best thing would be to have a red arrow turning red and green arrow turning right letting pedestrians know that there will be cars here so stop. it can let cars now that there will be pedestrians here. >> a crossbar region in 2009, more than 70 fatalities in pedestrian and cyclist tragedies happen. police will be joining from across the region hoping they can reduce that number thank you. police in laurel are now searching for a suspected rapist. investigators say a woman was
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sexually assaulted last night. she was taking out your trash. this happen behind an apartment building along scenic meadow drive at about 7:00. the victim says the man was hiding in the bushes and threatened her with a weapon. the police only had a vague description of the suspects. public is invited to night to attend a memorial for a slain american university professor. sue marcum was found dead in her home in glen echo last month. a teenager found driving her missing jeep is considered a potential suspect. the service begins at 8:00 tonight in the bender the arena on campus. extensive testing is underway on the metro network of escalators. there is concern that the transit system may have known about the safety issues before an accident that injured four people. >> october 30, a failure on an overcrowded escalator at l'enfant plaza sent four people to the hospital.
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alert incident happened at gallery place just last week. >> it might very well have been preventable. >> councilman jim graham cites a preliminary audit given to metro september 30 which had results still no one knew about yesterday but the report focused only on the dupont, wsosdley park stations. it warned and showed a lack of adherence to make and standards. >> [inaudible] >> this woman worries about her 3-year-old daughter running up and down and metro as the letter. >> i don't want to think about it. it is scary. >> metro plans to begin work this month including testing the stopping distance on all escalators which has yet to begin. many riders by poor management for constantly dealing with broken, out of service and
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potentially unsafe escalators . >> i think our management issues and funding issues and we need to invest more than a starting last thursday and going through this week, metro workers are testing the brake pads on over 588 escalators in the system. they plan to release the results to the metro board safety committee november 18. meanwhile, work on the metro dulles corridor extension project will completely closed a major threat for tonight. drivers will be detoured off of i-66 westbound at the dulles connector road starting at midnight. the closer extends to the beltway and the road will not reopen until 5:00 a.m. the same restrictions will be in effect from midnight to 5:00 a.m. thursday. will we see more chilly winds restart yesterday with the weather? adam caskey is here with a first
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look at the forecast. >> it is a picture- perfect week. it is eerie because you look at november and it is such a transitional time. you see big changes and a shift in temperatures and conditions even within one week of weather. we will go through one week and have hardly any changes of this week. this pleasant weather will continue. let's take all look at the conditions of life outside. there is not even a cloud in view. the satellite pictures show the same thing. arlington is 58 degrees. reagan national airport is currently at 58 degrees. we will get into the low 60's today. for the most part, in the low 60's. we will talk about the extended forecast coming up. hundreds of new jobs are coming to fairfax county.
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icf international agreed to expand its corporate headquarters. the company expects to create at least 400 jobs over the next three years in virginia. they are expanding their leased office space to 3000 square feet for the next 12 years we have new developments in the race for the 11th congressional district and virginia. moments ago, republican keith fimian issued a statement that said he will not pursue a recount. less than 1000 votes separated ham and gerry connolly. he congratulated him on the victory. gerry connolly is expected to hold a news conference later this afternoon president obama is continuing his world tour. he returned today to his childhood home in indonesia. tomorrow, the world will watch as he delivers a major address. karen travers is traveling with the president in jakarta but he
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came to indonesia, the world's most populous muslim nation and chided the israelis and palestinians for not stepping up and doing more to pursue peace. >> we are not seeing each side makes the extra effort involved to get a break through. >> mr. obama said plans for a new israeli settlements could break the trust between both sides. the president continued his push for greater u.s. engagement with the moslem world. >> that will be good for our security but it will also be good for the larger cause of understanding between the united states and the moslem world that of the visit today was a homecoming. mr. obama was in indonesia for four years as a young boy. >> i barely recognized this as i was driving down the street. the only building that was there when i first moved to jakarta was serena. his trip had been canceled twice in the past year due to pressing does plastic is used for the third time was almost a
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charm there. he is here for 21 hours. he might cut the trip short due to concern about volcanic ash pari tomorrow the president will deliver a major address, perhaps the biggest event of the 10-day trip. it will echo the the enzi laid out in cairo last year. >> i saw first hand as a child and indonesia where devout christians worship freely in an overwhelmingly moslem country. >> president obama is expected to hold up in the nation as a moslem example of developing democracy and diversity. when we continue, secretary of state hillary clinton is responding to rumors that she is ready for a new role in the obama administrations. plus, former president george w. bush is hitting the airwaves to promote his newly released book. later, he risked his own life to save a mother and today a local teenager got a well-deserved thank you.
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all of that and adam caskey will
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devastating fire in central florida killed five children overnight. three other family members are in the hospital and they are suffering from severe burns. the children who died were between six and 15 years of pretty neighbors heard screams and try to about the flames were out of control. family members believe a space heater is to blame for that. fire on board a cruise ship has stranded nearly 4500 passengers and crew members off the coast of mexico. the carnival ship slammed there knocked out with the air
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conditioning, hot food service, and toilets for the u.s. coast guard tugboats are expected to reach the ship this afternoon and tell it to a mexican port. that could take two days. secretary of state hillary clinton is speaking out about a possible shift in the obama administration. defense secretary robert gates did not plan to stay on the job for more than another year and hillary clinton's name is on the short list to step and are the two cabinet members talked about the switch. could she do your job? >> yes. >> wait a minute. >> i asked pam. >> we want bob to stagger it i don't want him on national television to talk about somebody else doing his job at. >> clinton went on to say that she is happy with her current job. he talked about last week's election and talk about the similarity to the 1994 midterm elections during her husband's
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presidency. you can see more of this interview on "nightline" after abc 7 news at eleven o'clock. george w. bush is on the road and on television talking about "decision point." his new book hit store shelves for the former president is also talking about the book in his interview with oprah which airs today at 4:00 right here on abc 7. this is a great story -- a prince william county teenager was taken by surprise this morning when he was hailed a lifesaver. [applause] this morning, it was the 18- year-old who was praised in front of his senior class, his family, his friends because in august he pulled a man from a burning suv and saved his life. >> he took actions that put his
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own personal safety at extreme risk. he did that to save the life of another. >> chris burger was awarded the cert of recognition and it was a big surprise for him. he did not know the assembly was for him then and no wonder he looks so surprised that makes it even better. >> that's a great story. let's talk about what we have going on around here in the weather. i guess you can copy your forecast from yesterday. it is a repeat from yesterday. i have -- this is a great sun rise. this is a great benefit we have with clear skies and the bright sunshine in the morning. the sunrise was beautiful over the district area it came up at 6:44 a.m. today. not even a cloud in the sky. this is a time lapse. not a single cloud and we have high pressure over head.
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this inhibits clouds from forming. it cools the air and condenses it and create the clouds but we don't have that going on now. currently 50 degrees at reagan national. the winds are out of the northwest and that is why we are not warming up that much. we will have near 64 highs this week and through the weekend there is a beautiful shot of the bay. 59 degrees at the chesapeake beach. 61 degrees in winchester. most of us locally will make it into the low 60's. it will be cooler in outlying areas. let's look of the almanac data. yesterday was a great today but i little breezy. 64 degrees was the high temperature. the average height is 60 degrees and we will be near that plus or minus for the rest of this weaker winds are not quite as bad but they are a
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little breezy out there. they are sustained at 7-40 miles per hour. -- 7-14 miles per hour. is not so bad. 18-mile per hour gusts in quantico. that is not a big deal. an area of low pressure is off the coastline. that has been there since last week. it is to blame for power outages and a nasty wintry mix yet to the morning in new england. we will have high pressure sell low will stay out to sea and the high pressure is centered over canada, over quebec. that is influencing our weather and will take a stronger call the next couple of days. we have more fantastic whether to look forward to. at bedtime, 11:00 p.m., 40 degrees for the temperature in temperatures tomorrow morning will be around 40. mostly sunny again tomorrow.
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it the repeat button. repeat, repeat, repeat again and you have the rest of the seven- day forecast. this is where for november. -- this is rare for november it happens in summer but not in a transition season. >> that is good to look at. we will take a look at this video. what can $10 million get you? newschopper7 flew over one of our areas much expensive properties this morning. according to the mclean ear, an unknown buyer paid $10 million for this home. the home has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, and a ballroom that can seat 200 guests. the next time you have a fenty event, you can have a ballroom in your house. after the break, the a-list celebrities are due in washington to honor one of
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from 15 leading brands, including green mountain coffee. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. actor charlie sheen is talking for the first time after a wild night in new york hotel. he is playing down the drunken, naked episode that landed him in the hospital. he said he is doing great two weeks after police were called to that famous plaza hotel. >> i just finished a show and that is about it. back to work, everything is good. a guy has one bad night and everybody goes insane and panics.
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i am not panicking. >> last monday, charlie sheen filed from divorce from his third wife. that had been separated since christmas when he was arrested in colorado for allegedly threatening her with a knife. he got probation and rehab therapy celebrities have begun arriving in the district for tonight's 13th annual mark twain prize for americantina fey will receive this year's mark twain prize from the kennedy center. fellow comedians steve carrel, jimmy phelan, steve martin, tracy morgan, and betty white are all expected to perform. what a lineup!
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>> coming up tonight at 5, it is a popular hair treatment, the brazilian blowout but is it safe. it was recalled in canada but is still being used here. we will talk to the people who maintain safety at the salon tonight at 5:00. >> last look at the weather. pretty much the same the next couple of days. >> i thought there be a change from 10 minutes ago. >> it may drop a few degrees next week. there is a slight chance of rain monday and tuesday but that is so far off, otherwise, enjoy what we have.
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i am enjoying it. it makes my job easier this week that. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you back here for
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